Our name is derived from two components of daily life that are very important to us. It is a word composition from the Latin word “beatus”, which translates as “blissful” and the Indonesian word for “man” – “pria”.

We feel closely connected to the earth and its living beings and believe that we can already find everything we need in the nature of the world. This also explains our motto:

„walking in abundance“

– Wir bewegen uns in Fülle –

For us this means:
the earth has resources. We rethink it.

We see ourselves as an ecological think tank that develops future-changing products and services until they are ready for the market.


We are Beatus Pria.


We do what we love.
We help people.
And protect the earth.
We want to improve life.
For all.


We believe that the earth has everything we need.
We love to turn our thoughts into reality.
And thus to help people and the planet.
We stand for humanism, religious freedom, ecology,
sustainability and social commitment.


We are curious, honest and open.
We think fair and optimistic.
We believe in our ideas.
And we believe in ourselves.


We are Beatus Pria.


The brands


economically-ecologically-sustainable-socially committed

The ELYAH® brand stands for our spirituality, for our belief in a universal wisdom beyond our cognitive consciousness.

This spirituality forms the basis of all our ecological, sustainable, economic and social actions.

We are convinced that every human being has its own knowledge for the good of the human community and for the good of this planet and that we can only create a better world together on the basis of a loving acceptance of the diversity of human nature.

ELYAH® events, e.g. events, workshops, seminars, training courses and trips, offer a variety of opportunities to discover this knowledge in yourself and thus to become a responsible member of a healthy society.

You can find dates for our events at www.elyah.net.
Do you want to know more about it? We would be happy to inform you.
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Changes always start with the first step.
We’ll show you a way.
Go with me.


economically-ecologically-sustainable-socially committed

ELYSIUM, Greek for “perfect bliss”, stands for a new generation of “intelligent” biological active ingredients, called primordial tinctures or extracts.

The intelligence of our ELYSIUM extracts relates biologically, chemically, physically and subtle to the entire intelligence of the earth.
Because all life on earth follows a superordinate intelligence, the swarm intelligence, and carries its very own wisdom.

Everything that grows and occurs in the nature of our planet and has a beneficial effect on all life can become an ELYSIUM extract. Plants, minerals, metals, even elements from the animal kingdom or the pharmacological field can be suitable for an ELYSIUM extract.

Thanks to the manufacturing process developed by us using centuries-old methods, an ELYSIUM extract captures both the actual active ingredient and the mental effect of a substance. That means, an ELYSIUM extract takes the pure primal substance, for example from a plant or a mineral, and passes on the pure, energetic information.

We have a portfolio of more than 60 extracts that can be used in all areas related to the well-being of life on earth.

Of course, ELYSIUM extracts are the basis of all our product and project developments.

Any questions? We will be happy to answer them.
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Our planet has its own intelligence.
We are all part of the planet.
Let us recognize the life-giving source of nature.

The projects


economically-ecologically-sustainable-socially committed

Together with a natural cosmetics manufacturer, we are currently developing the production of our natural cosmetics line LEMURIAN MYSTICS for women and subsequently also for men, of course on the basis of our ELYSIUM® extracts.

True beauty comes from within.

Lemurian Mystics ELYSIUM facial care series gives every woman the 6 most important things to feel beautiful all around.

  1. adoption
  2. Self love
  3. Self-confidence
  4. Charisma
  5. attractiveness
  6. enjoyment of life

These gifts will delight every woman. Uniqueness and perfect beauty. In every phase of life. Every day.

Nature comes from outside.

Lemurian Mystics
Coconut and almond oil, cocoa and shea butter, enriched with natural hyaluronic acid from brown algae, combined with the delicate scent of exotic frangipani flowers moisturize and protect the skin. Every type. All ages.

Lemurian Mystics
ELYSIUM Eye CreamThe ELYSIUM eye cream, developed on the same basis, enriched with aloe vera and the beguiling scent of the ylang-ylang blossom has an astringent effect, smoothes wrinkles and removes dark circles and dark circles. Shining eyes. Bright day.

The natural intelligence of the contained ELYSIUM extracts knows exactly how women feel. And give them what they need. Totally natural. Just because.

Of course, the Lemurian Mystics facial care range also meets all the requirements of modern natural cosmetics. Naturally. Biologically. Sustainable. Vegan. Not tested on animals.

Do you want to know more about it? We are happy to quench your thirst for knowledge.
Do you want to order? We ask for your patience.

New feelings.
New life.
Trust the life force of nature.


economically-ecologically-sustainable-socially committed

Our EXODUS EARTH PROJECT is a sustainable, ecological 6-point program for natural agriculture,
which combines conventional farming with ecological thinking. Without dogmatism. Completely free.

We consciously differentiate ourselves from the artificially created separation of organic and conventional agriculture. We consider both areas to be equal and create synergies between them. We don’t want “either – or” but rather “both – and”.
An attitude that reflects the knowledge of the diversity of scientific and natural possibilities.

The 6-point program helps you to transform your agriculture, your viticulture and horticulture and the resulting food with the help of our ELYSIUM® extracts into a natural cycle.

  1. Ecological land maintenance
  2. Holistic use of the power of plants
  3. Ecological sprays and pesticides
  4. Ecological fertilizer
  5. Diet
  6. Agriculture and animal husbandry

Do you deal with these topics? Are you looking for solutions and innovation? We are happy to help.
Would you like to order our first self-made liquid fertilizer concentrates for your private needs?
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The future is now.
If we don’t change anything, nothing will change.
Let’s get started.


We act according to these 14 ethical rules.

The first sentence of the German constitution is inspiring and authoritative for us. We place it at the beginning of our humanitarian and economic action. The inviolability of human dignity applies to us always and worldwide!

We undertake to fully comply with the statutory provisions for trade, taxes and commerce in the Federal Republic of Germany. We also follow the legal guidelines of the respective countries of our business partners. This obligation applies worldwide.

We commit ourselves to obey the Charter of Human Rights of the United Nations and reject all forms of colonialism.

The joint work of Beatus Pria GmbH, the non-profit organization Cosmic Elyah Bali Foundation eV Germany and the Yayasan Elyah Ari Refuge Bali represents a model for empowering the Balinese population to supply themselves with their own resources. This model is also intended to be a godfather for other countries around the world stand. The respective religious and traditional rites of the endemic ethnic groups are taken into account.

The minimum salaries that we pay our employees in their respective home countries are intended to ensure a decent life. This can cover costs such as food, accommodation and schooling in the respective country.

We undertake to invest a share of ten percent of the profit generated in charitable projects in accordance with the statutory provisions of the respective countries and thus enable charitable work to grow. This means that the association is largely independent of monetary donations. This corresponds to our deepest ethical principle.

We at Beatus Pria are committed to cultivating an intercultural exchange based on tolerance, courtesy and equality.

Beatus Pria and the non-profit organizations Cosmic Elyah Bali Foundation eV Germany and Yayasan Elyah Ari Refuge Bali undertake to facilitate cooperation with non-governmental organizations (NGOs). These organizations should be non-partisan, non-religious and, like us, committed to humanitarian values.

Our associations are particularly committed to the education of children and young people, whereby the basic humanitarian values ​​of the respective countries are decisive.

The life of children and young people has the same status in our organizations as any human life and is protected by us in all forms. We therefore undertake to join the German Child Protection Association and to follow its guidelines. In our opinion, promoting education (for children and adults) is the way out of poverty and hardship.

We are committed to equality between men and women and accept all forms of adult sexual identity.

Life in every form has the highest priority in our organizations. In our projects, we also advocate the welfare of animals and promote the conscious use of our natural resources. We reject animal testing.

The joy of doing things together and learning from one another is an important principle of our work around the world. We do not speak or think from above and look forward to joyful, educational experiences from our members and employees around the world.

Our company and its affiliated associations undertake not to comply with corruption. We support the respective efforts of all countries to free themselves from the shackles of corruption and actively support them.


Michael Grauer-Brecht

Founder and idea generator

Michael is the founder and the creative head of Beatus Pria GmbH. His ideas and thoughts lead to economic innovations and new projects at home and abroad.

“It fills me with pride, happiness and joy to implement something completely new in my well-ordered life.”

Karin Löffler

Founder, Marketing and Sales

Karin is the founder and responsible for marketing and sales at Beatus Pria. From her come the ideas and suggestions to put Michael’s inventions into practice and to market them.

“I’m the lively crazy woman who wants to do something completely new again to show other people that life is worth living!”

Michael „Michi“ Müller

Founder and CEO

Michi is the founder and CEO of Beatus Pria GmbH. He is the tether for the sometimes lofty ideas and gives all projects the necessary legal and economically feasible form.

“In short: I make the impossible possible.”